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Email Marketing Setup

Initial 1 to 2 hour strategy session with our E-mail marketing strategist.


Creation of an E-mail marketing software account on our system. Includes the creation of two (2) contacts lists (Customers, Leads) and importing of your contacts.

E-mail software cost: Varies depending on number of contacts to send E-mails to.

Creation of your main E-mail campaigns HTML template. Simple = Customizing one of the e-mail marketing software's existing templates. Professional = A 3rd party professionally designed template. Custom-made = Professionally template custom-made by our Bloominari designers. Includes Photoshop (.PDF) file and HTML version.
Add/Edit contacts, lists, etc. Review campaign open and click data, export reports (if any), and have full access and ownershipt of your E-mail software account. 
  Full E-mail Account Control & Ownership
To measure the success of your e-mail campaign driving traffic to your website, it's important to understand who's visiting it, what they're clicking on and how long they're staying. We integrate your website with Google Analytics.

Monthly E-mail Campaigns & Reports

Design, setup and sending of your monthly E-mail campaign blasts.

4/Month 2/Month 1/Month 1/Month 1/Month
 Our content strategist will write your E-mail's content based on your requirements and input as to what you'd like to feature on each E-mail sent.
300-500 words 300-500 words 200-300 words 200-300 words
Our graphic designers will design a custom-made flyer, banner or AD for your E-mail campaign. Graphics are an important way to communicate to your target audience in a fast and engaging manner.
2/E-mail 1/E-mail 1/E-mail 1/E-mail
We'll provide you a complete report of all your E-mail marketing activities. Including the open and click rates of each campaign, most popular links pressed, conversions, etc.

Lead Capturing Setup & Strategies

Includes the setup of a Google Analytics account and installation of tracking code in your website in order to track the web traffic generated by your E-mail campaigns.
Design and setup of a lead capturing web form. This is a key component to transform anonymous web users into potential clients.

Simple Form = Capture Name & E-mail only. Standard Fomr= Capture up to 10 different fields. Advanced Form = Unlimited number of fields + Integration and synch of your form to your CRM (Contacts database)
Advanced Standard Standard Simple Simple
The installaiton and setup of additional web tools to help you capture leads faster.

Includes: 1) Pop-up lead capturing form, 2) Website heat maps to track what your users are clicking on (and modify accordingly), and 3) Scrolling box, to ask your readers to sign-up to your email list once they reach the bottom of your page. .
Design, Setup and Content Development for a new landing page on your existing website.

Includes = Headline, subheadline, lead info, sales argument, offer, call-to-action, opt-in form, relevant images and more.

Autoresponder E-mail Campaigns (Automation)

Includes the development of 4 custom-written emails, based on your company's key value propositions. The goal of the emails is to automatically follow up with your leads, so you don't have to.

Includes:1) Welcome E-mail, 2) "6-Hour" Email, 3)Follow-up email #1 and 4) Follow-up Email #2.
Depending on your marketing strategy, you may want to have additional follow-up emails to send more information to your leads about your products and services.
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SMS Marketing Packages

Quantity 25,000 10,000 5,000 2,500 1,000 500
Cost Per SMS 0.06p 0.07p 0.08p 0.09p 0.10p 0.12p